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  • Optimizing a string replacement algorithm in javascript

    Ok so I have a rather slow algorithm that I would really love some advice to speed up! It may repeat many times over different large data strings. The string 'data' contains "variables" (denoted by ${myVarName} in the data) that must be replaced with the value of the corresponding (either by id or name) element on the html page. ...
    Posted to Performance (Forum) by floss on May 9, 2011
  • How to valid ASPX URL?

    Hi all,I’m junior developer, so I ‘m not yet pick up Regular Expressions (>o<).In current situation, I want to check SharePoint URL is valid or not, and my simple coding as follows:if (strTargetASPX.Substring(0, 4).ToLower().Equals("http") &&    strTargetASPX.Substring(strTargetASPX.Length - 4, ...
    Posted to Discussion (Forum) by onming268 on June 4, 2009
  • given an unformatted document find array of phrases?

    Task: I have a dictionary of 4,000 elements.  Each element is a regular expression. I need to know which elements from the dictionary can be found in a document.  This process is repeated frequently on many different documents. Current Solution: Enumerate through the dictionary and do a regex search for each individual dictionary ...
    Posted to Discussion (Forum) by taklamakan on January 10, 2007