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  • Regular Exp in C# and Java.

    Hi All I am working on porting a code from .net to Java. and its highly using reg expressions.I dont know .net and i have to recognize the purpose and meaning of regexs written to create same in java. There is one regex in C# to prevent HTml tags :(?<!<[^>]*) If anyone can help me find its equivalent in Java ,it would ...
    Posted to Platform Differences (Forum) by Misha79 on February 9, 2011
  • Equivalent of Regex Class (C#) in Java

    I am working on some code development in Java from C#. There is a method that returns Regex class-type in C# and figured that its a system class in System.Text.RegularExpressions.  Not much idea about C#. To simulate same thing in Java is there any Regex Class  that represents a regular epxression.
    Posted to Platform Differences (Forum) by Misha79 on February 8, 2011