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  • Re: Regular Expression for LeadLag

    Hi Artur, Thanks for your quick reply I tested this expression against -->   LeadLag(100,101+102@103,104) it is allowing number after first ','  and before '@' i.e. 101 and 102 Our string only contains + or - and then @ after first ',' for e.g --> ',+@103'  OR ',-@103' Could ...
    Posted to Construction Advice (Forum) by mahesh_marathe on June 12, 2011
  • RegEx Help - Replacing hrefs

    OK. Stick with me here. It is going to take me a few to explain this. I am writing a small application in VB.NET. The ultimate task is to make a web browser, within a web browser. Basically, You open IE, FireFox, Safari, or whatever browser you like and go to the web application I am building. At the top of the web page, I have a tool bar, ...
    Posted to Construction Advice (Forum) by TampaWebDevelopment on June 27, 2007
  • Re: please suggest me the regex for this piece

    This pattern might do what you need.  (?ms)(?<=^(TO|INFO)\s).*?(?=\s+^(?:INFO|GR)\s) It will only work reliably if there are no two other lines starting with TO, INFO or GR in the message body, i.e. after the first GR. It will return one or two matches, depending on the presence of the INFO part.  You will have to split those ...
    Posted to Construction Advice (Forum) by eSquire on May 4, 2007