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replace multiple matches

Last post 01-01-2006, 2:33 PM by George_V_Reilly. 3 replies.
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  •  12-31-2005, 9:48 PM 14509

    replace multiple matches

    DasBlog has a ContentFilter feature that allows you to replace a regular expression with a match. For example, $g(expression) is rewritten as <a href="">expression</a>.

    My problem is when "expression" contains spaces. For the querystring part, the spaces should be replaced by spaces; but not in the visible text of the anchor tag. In other words:
        $g(regex advice)
    should map to
        <a href="">regex advice</a>

    The current rule looks like
        <a href="${expr}">${expr}</a>
    which will leave spaces in the querystring.

    Any ideas?

    /George V. Reilly, Seattle, Wash.
  •  12-31-2005, 9:58 PM 14510 in reply to 14509

    Re: replace multiple matches

    Writing this as two or more rules is a possibility, but I haven't figured out how to express it like that.
  •  01-01-2006, 11:42 AM 14512 in reply to 14510

    Re: replace multiple matches

    What platform are you on? PHP provides preg_replace(), and .NET's RegularExpressions namespace has a MatchEvaluator class that allows you to programmatically handle the replacement. You want to do two entirely unrelated things to the match: HTML-encode it (just spaces?!?), and enclose it in a URL as in your example. No one expression is going to do that for you. If what's inside the parentheses is the match, then that's what the expression will return; you can't also find all the spaces (of which there could be any number, at any location) and replace them with '+' in a single step. I'd be shocked to learn that PHP didn't provide an HTML-encode function that you could invoke within your replacement function. You could also encode spaces by means of a second regex, from within the above replacement function, but that would be unconscionably cute if the platform already provided a way to do it.
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  •  01-01-2006, 2:33 PM 14513 in reply to 14512

    Re: replace multiple matches

    DasBlog is written in ASP.NET: So yes, there's an HTML encoder available, which is a good idea if the expression contains any punctuation characters. As it stands, it only matches [\w\d\s]+, so only the \s needs escaping.

    I was hoping (though with little expectation of success) that a pure regex solution existed. The regex and the replacement both live in an XML config file. The C# source can be modified, of course, to do something with MatchEvaluators.

    The workaround for now is to write out the Google search URL explicitly.
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