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Pros and Cons of Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is an excellent game. It’s a huge improvement over the first one in many - but not all - categories.

Borderlands 2 has many improvements.


It has a living world. Different creatures and factions hate one another. Raks dive bomb Skags, who attack bandits. Bullymogs attack everyone. The world feels much more alive as a result.


It has better NPC's. Many of them move around now, and have some basic, Oblivion style AI. Not quite as in depth as that, but it’s a big improvement.


It has better graphics/display options. We're treated like we play on PC, this time. Uncapped Frame Rates!


It has more exciting guns. Their visuals are more varied and their effects louder and more colorful. Also, better weapons seem to appear toward the beginning of the game, at least in co-op mode, making for more satisfying loot drops.


It has better enemy AI and pathing. They dodge, leap and jump around. It cooperates better, too.


It has physics based impacts. Shotguns and sniper rifles especially will knock enemies backward or off balance, as in Rage. Occasionally a well placed hit will cause an enemy to fall down or drag a wounded leg. Nice touches.


All around a better game and one I recommend, if you can play it coop.


There are some minor issues.


The UI is floaty and off to the side, now, almost like you are looking at it from an angle, which bothers me for some reason. Also, it’s messy. Comparing items you might buy with equipped items is cumbersome. In general moving through the UI could be improved. I would even prefer the UI from BL1 to this, to be honest.


There are too many suicide enemies. This is a shooter. You have one basic melee strike. Yet 50% of the enemies you will fight will insist on rushing you as fast as possible. Some will explode suicide-bomber style and others will just pound you. Regardless of their purpose there are simply too many melee/suicide rushers in this game, period, and it gets annoying at times.


Another issue is the Return of the Bullet Sponges because the difference between a grunt and a boss should involve two things: 1. better costuming and 2.


The boss weapons are weak. So far, a few hours in, boss drops - as in the first game - continue to disappoint.



Published Wednesday, October 17, 2012 6:06 AM by princesswow
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